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Machine Leveling Feet

Machine leveling feet also known as machine leveling mounts provide a level, stable base for all types of machinery. In addition, they also provide vibration as well as noise isolation, prevent unnecessary wear and tear and limit tipping for any machine that is equipt with them.

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leveling feet

Our premium machine leveling feet are made with the highest quality materials and metals and will provide you with the maximum vibration and noise isolation while protecting your sensitive equipment. Our leveling feet are also adjustable so you can select the height that fits your application best, they also can be ordered in numerous different sizes.

Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

stainless steel leveling feet

Our stainless steel leveling feet provide all the benefits of steel leveling feet with the added feature of being made with stainless metal which helps prevent corrosion; corrosion resistant properties are necessary in hygienic applications such as the food, beverage and drug industries.

They also can support very heavy weights up to 30,000 pounds per level! 316 stainless steel is also available for our stainless steel levelers.

Anti Vibration Leveling Feet

anti vibration leveling feet

Anti-vibration leveling feet are specialty machine levelers that have the added ability to isolate a system from undesirable vibration and resonance through lowering the natural frequency of that system, through this process maximum vibration isolation is achieved.

Plastic Leveling Feet

plastic leveling feet

Plastic leveling feet are levelers that have a plastic base and either steel or stainless steel studs or tapped sockets. Our plastic leveling feet are offered with or without articulation and lag holes and our selection of plastic leveling feet accommodates a large range of size and weight requirements.

Stainless Steel Accessories and Supports

stainless steel accessories and supports

We also stock many different stainless steel accessories ranging from hinges to handles and knobs as well as stainless steel support systems and glass fixing systems.

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Teknoclean Leveling Feet

teknoclean leveling feet

Teknoclean leveling feet are specialty stainless steel leveling pads which are USDA/3-A approved and have a stainless steel construction with a sealed nut and joint which makes them the most hygienic levelers available. These special leveling feet are the highest quality available and will perform exceptionally!

Steel Leveling Feet

steel leveling feet

Steel leveling feet are heavy duty leveling feet that can support up to 30,000 pounds per level, in addition they offer rotating ball sockets to accommodate heavy-duty machinery objects that do not have legs that come straight down or are subject to unlevel terrain conditions underneath the machine which requires a leveler.

Stamped/Pressed Leveling Feet

stamped leveling feet

Stamped leveling feet also known as pressed leveling feet are leveling feet used in light applications such as sheet metal frames and appliances. They come in both steel and stainless steel, are adjustable and have an optional top slot for easy adjustment with a screwdriver and have a plated steel base and stud; they are also supplied with mounting holes.

Leveling Foot Applications

Common applications for all machine leveling feet types include: injection molders, lathes, presses, grinders, cnc machinery, food as well as beverage packaging, hospital and dental environments, heavy duty chemical and pharmaceutical processing machines and conveyers.